Raise Awareness, Educate, Develop Knowledge

The educational and cultural mission of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is designed to be fully integrated with the museum’s artistic vision; in other words, reach, educate and raise awareness of contemporary art among as many people as possible. Our educational activities, which are planned to tie in closely with temporary exhibitions and presentations from the permanent collection, are intended for audiences of all ages and from all communities, in keeping with the ethnocultural and linguistic diversity that characterizes Greater Montréal.

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Offers for schools and groups

Preschool, Elementary and Secondary School Groups

Our Education team offers art workshops and interactive tours intended for preschool, elementary and secondary school students.

College, University and Other Groups

Whatever your type of group—college, university, community, professional, tourist or other—our Education team offers art workshops and interactive tours suited to all needs and all levels.

Program for solo visitors

Art Workshops

For solo visitors

The Musée’s art workshops offer visitors of all ages an opportunity to enhance their aesthetic experience by trying out various techniques, media and materials related to  a concept or theme found in a work or exhibition.

Interactive Tours

For solo visitors

Through personal observation of works, the tours help visitors develop their eye for the art object. In an atmosphere conducive to discussion and questioning, the tours offer a moment of discovery, learning and awareness of contemporary art.


For solo visitors

SéminArts is a program providing an introduction to the art of collecting contemporary art. Conducted in an atmosphere conducive to discussion and exchanges of ideas, this educational program gives participants a chance to discover the art world and how it operates, as well as the art market, through five sessions with various players in the art world: artist, gallerist, private collector, corporate collector and exhibition or museum curator.

Day Camps

Inspired by a theme connected with the works on display, the Musée Day Camp makes the most of participants’ energy and creativity by offering them a wide range of activities, both artistic (drawing, painting, sculpture, silkscreen on T-shirts, digital arts) and recreational.

Cultural Activities Programs

Gallery Talks

The aim of gallery talks is to offer visitors an opportunity to hear the viewpoints of the principal players involved in the current exhibitions and to create spaces for contact and exchanges of ideas.

Max and Iris Stern International Symposiums

The goal of this annual event is to make the latest research of today’s leading thinkers accessible to the public. These scholars work in a variety of fields, such as art history, aesthetics, sociology and literature. 

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