Founded in 2003 by Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum, who together form the artist collective Séripop, AIDS Wolf champions an uncompromising sound on the music scene, with tightly constructed compositions featuring intentional dissonance, polyrhythms and disjunctive forms.

The group has been associated with the American labels Lovepump United and Skin Graft Records since 2005. In addition to its three albums—The Lovvers LP; Cities of Glass; March to the Sea—AIDS Wolf has made a number of live recordings. In 2008, Alexander Moskos joined Desranleau and Lum, who now work in a trio format: guitar, drums and amplified voice. Fall 2011 coincides with the release of their fourth album, titled Ma vie banale avant-garde.

There will be 3D projections (produced by Emily Pelstring) during the AIDS Wolf performance; 3D glasses will be supplied.

For this inaugural Nocturne of the Triennial, AIDS Wolf has handed over the first part of the evening to the group The Pink Noise, made up of Mark Sauner on vocals, Tara Desmond on drums, Chris Keys on keyboard and Graeme Langdon on guitar. Based in Montréal since 2009, The Pink Noise mixes pop, punk and psychedelic elements to create an original, up-to-the-minute musical experience.

To kick off the Nocturne, the Rotonde space will resound with the music of DJ Blam Blamderson.

The capacity of the hall where the band will perform is limited due to a municipal by-law. Accordingly, not everyone can be accommodated inside the hall. However, the performance will be simulcast on two giant screens, next to the bar and on the exhibition gallery level, so that as many visitors as possible can enjoy the event.

Staff will be on hand in the galleries to answer visitors’ questions.