Top off summer in the company of art collectors who will share with you how their passion for contemporary art inspired them to create the Grantham Foundation, a space for creation and dissemination unique in Quebec.

The Grantham Foundation for the Arts and the Environment has a two-fold mission. First, it supports artistic productions and art research on art that tackle environmental challenges in the Anthropocene age. Second, it works to promote these activities and make them more accessible, especially to young people in school.

You can view this conversation here (video only in French)

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Discover the Cercle du MAC:

  • A way of seeing contemporary art even more closely.
  • A circle that allows you to deepen your knowledge, to go further, to discover, to share with artists and exhibition curators and between philanthropists passionate about contemporary art.
  • A circle for those who love the MAC and want to support it and make it their favorite museum.

The subscription includes:

  • A one-year subscription (MACarte). MACarte gives access to all the exhibitions and Nocturnes presented at the MAC.
  • Educational activities (visit to an exhibition, visit a corporate collection, visit the Museum’s reserves, and more)
  • VIP invitations and visits to vernissages
  • Family day organized for members and their children

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