The Cercle du MAC is back with new exclusive online activities. Join us for our lunch-meets  with major actors of the Montreal art scene who will be taking you on a backstage tour of the MAC and the contemporary art world.

The Cercle’s lively and interactive events begin with a viewing of a special report on the topic of the day, followed by a group discussion with a high-profile guest.

Watch the first of these special reports with Geneviève Cadieux and Isabelle de Mévius at 1700 La Poste.

Artist Geneviève Cadieux, who is also a member of our board of directors and president of the MAC’s acquisition committee, takes us on a tour of her new exhibition at the 1700 La Poste with Isabelle de Mévius, founder, patron of the arts and general and artistic director of this private venue dedicated to visual arts and related discursive issues.

This activity is held in French

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  • Family day organized for members and their children

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