In the spirit of a museum’s art acquisition committee, the twelfth Collectors Symposium, generously sponsored by National Bank Private Wealth 1859, will be held at the museum on Tuesday, October 15.

Chaired by Eva Hartling and Sara Joli-Coeur, this fundraising event for the Musée Foundation will brought together seventy guests who will be invited to take part in selecting the next work that will enrich the Musée Collection.

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The Collectors Symposium, presented by National Bank Private Wealth 1859, aims to provide participants with the experience of an acquisition committee. An event highly prized by collectors and art lovers, this unique evening also allows the uninitiated to discover current art and the relevance of its presence in a museum collection.

Over the past thirteen years, the Symposium, which is so close to the very mission of the Foundation and that of the Museum, has enabled the acquisition of important works for the Museum’s collection. It is thanks to the profits from this event, largely attributable to the generous participation of the National Bank Private Management 1859, that the Museum was able to acquire works by Janet Werner, Skawennati, Onkweshòn:’a, Etienne Zack, Dil Hildebrand, Valérie Blass, Ed Pien, Adrian Paci, Pierre Dorion, Michel de Broin, Nicolas Baier and Hito Steyerl.

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