The MAC invites you to try a series of creative challenges using ordinary items you can find at home, in a few simple steps. This creative endeavour is for everyone! Share your creation on social media, tag it #MACOMMUNAUTÉ, and continue the conversation with our impassioned mediators.

First, discover the artwork

Oh my! Such a profusion of found materials and objects hanging together in seeming chaos. There’s so much to see that our eyes don’t know where to start. Before too long, though, we notice that the composition is amazingly balanced. There are repeated columns, evenly spaced, and recurring circular shapes, lending stability to the overall work despite the fragility of its components.

Then, we take pleasure in observing each detail, like a little world unto itself. The materials are easily identifiable and discoverable on their own, for what they are. The same goes for the transformations the artist has used: we can imagine the process and the time it took. And, over and above the arrangement of shapes, textures and colours, a character or a heavenly body emerges here and there.

Then we step back again to appreciate the monumental nature of the piece. There’s a constant to-and-fro between abstraction and evocation. Is this an ode to the impermanence of the everyday? A collection of dreamcatchers? Chains of small gestures? What images come to mind for you?

Then, let’s create 

You’re invited to draw inspiration from the work Affections by Serge Murphy and create 3D assemblies of disparate elements.

1. Using what you have at hand, make a series of hoops of about the same size.

You can cut out cardboard, twist paper, change the shape of a wire coat hanger, etc.

2. Attach various items to the hoops, transforming and repeating them: shreds of fabric, bits of string, pieces of plastic, wads of paper. . .

Tear, wrap, fold, crumple. . .

To attach it all together, use glue, staples, tape, string. . .

3. Using tape, hang the assemblies on a wall in adjacent columns.

4. Photograph your composition.

5. Give it a title.

6. Share your creation and tag it #MACOMMUNAUTÉ

To learn more

Profile of the artist in our online collection:

Images from recent and older exhibitions on the website of Galerie René Blouin:

Video interview with the artist (in French) for his show at Centre Oboro in 2006:


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