The MAC invites you to try a series of creative challenges using ordinary items you can find at home, in a few simple steps. This creative endeavour is for everyone! Share your creation on social media, tag it #MACOMMUNAUTÉ, and continue the conversation with our impassioned mediators.

First, discover the artwork

Right away, the very nature of the work is intriguing. Are we looking at a collage? A photograph? A painting? Or all three at once? Look closely, and you’ll notice clues that what’s depicted may be a three-dimensional space.

To produce this piece, David Elliott created a maquette, placing various images within it. He then photographed this staged tableau and, adding to the perceptual ambiguity, reproduced it by painting it in a hyperrealist style. What’s striking when we look closer is the varied iconography of the fragments making up the composition. In the spirit of Surrealism, the artist has associated images that don’t appear to respect any sort of narrative logic—except dream logic, that is.

His shapes float in a closed world that is coherent in its own way. A world where it’s perfectly normal for a fingerprint to be larger than an airplane and for a vaudeville character to be leaping out of a red spiral as he flees a rainbow. . .

Then, let’s create 

For this creative challenge, you’re invited to design an image using cut-out fragments, drawings, words, folded paper, found objects, and maybe even a carefully arranged rainbow, inside a white box that will become a miniature photo studio at the click of a mouse.

1-Line the inside of a box with white paper.

2-Find a few images that you can cut out, along with some drawings, paper foldings, small items, or words, and compose them inside the box.

3-Through clever staging, the infinitely small can appear infinitely large! You’ll soon see how you can use tricks of scale and perspective to enliven your composition.

4-Experiment with a few different designs until you’ve found the image you want to photograph. Arranging elements at angles to each other will generate greater effects of relief and perspective.

Find a title for your creation. Make up a short fantastical tale with quirky characters and situations. Anything is possible!

To learn more

Learn more about the artist and his work here

This piece was included in a collective exhibition entitled Collages, which was presented at the MAC in 2014. More info here

On the Gallery Nicolas Robert website, you can check out David Elliott’s recent collage boxes, similar in style to Chutes.

Chutes is part of an exhibition by the same name, created in 2007 and 2008, which was on display at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery.


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