The MAC invites you to try a series of creative challenges using ordinary items you can find at home, in a few simple steps. This creative endeavour is for everyone! Share your creation on social media, tag it #MACOMMUNAUTÉ, and continue the conversation with our impassioned mediators.

First, discover the artwork

At first glance, it seems difficult to “get into” this picture. There’s a wall between us and whatever might be behind that profusion of undulating lines. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before they take over the entire surface. Are they flames? Hair? Grasses? The title gives us our first clue: les blés (“the wheat”).

But what does “mcb” mean? To find the answer, we need to get closer. Each line is composed of a repeated string of three letters: mcbmcbmcbmcb. . . By unremittingly repeating her initials, the artist has transformed writing into a visual motif.

Haven’t we all spent time at some point drawing the letters of our name in different ways, deriving enjoyment from this private gesture that is part of identity? In that sense, the picture can be “read” as a self-portrait. We can imagine the artist playing with her signature, saying “I am mcb. . . but I could also be a wheat field.” How about you? What might you turn yourself into?

Then, let’s create 

Letters, lines, landscape

This drawing workshop invites you to create an original landscape. The goal is simple: repeatedly write the letters of your initials, a word or a sentence of your choice along adjacent wavy lines. To evoke movement and follow the curves, cursive writing (letters joined together) is preferable. A horizontal format will suggest a landscape. You don’t have to know how to draw: your writing will transform into an element of nature.

To learn more

Introduction to the work in our online collection:

Explore other works in the «mcb» series on the artist’s website:


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