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Free for elementary and secondary groups.

Human Silhouettes
This Tandem is for students in Elementary Cycles Two and Three as well as for secondary students.

Please note that this Tandem is fully booked.

From January 10 to March 8, 2024

During the interactive visit, you will have a chance to explore a mural populated with human silhouettes, made by Senegal-born Canadian artist Anna Binta Diallo. You will also discover a selection of video works from the Museum’s collection that feature bodies moving, dancing, or posing. After experiencing these artworks, in the workshop you will create colourful characters that take shape through a combination of fragments of images from the past and present.


This Tandem is for students in Elementary Cycles Two and Three as well as secondary students.

From April 17 to June 20, 2024

The exhibition femmes volcans forêts torrents invites you to immerse yourself in the world of nine women artists who live in Québec. From drawings to video installations, 3D animations, and sculptural and audio elements, you will have a chance to take an attentive look at the land and the natural elements that compose it. Reflecting this theme, in the workshop you will experiment with creative strategies for using recycled materials. The images that you create will allow you to express your environmental concerns.


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Tuesday to Friday (duration 2 hours)

  • 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. (available for 1 or 2 classes)
  • 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. (available for 1 or 2 classes)

Free-of-charge activities by reservation.

Maximum 28 students per class.

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Individual workshops and visits are also available upon request.

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Past activities

Show Off Your Voice

This Tandem is for secondary students.

From November 1 to December 21, 2023

First, a visit to the exhibition Velvet Terrorism: Pussy Riot’s Russia will introduce your group to the actions of this art collective, formed in Moscow in 2011. Videos, photographs, and texts present the story of the collective, which denounces the Russian state’s injustices against its citizens. You will take inspiration from this exhibition as you participate in a collective workshop and contribute to a mural that responds to current events. As you use expressive images, writing, and interventions, you’ll be encouraged to think about local, national, and international issues.