Last November 29, CEO of Claridge Stephen Bronfman invited Cercle du MAC members to visit his corporate art collection and share about his passion. Come watch or re-watch the short video produced by the Cercle’s team.

Come discover Claridge’s bold contemporary art collection alongside famous art collector and patron Stephen Bronfman, as he retraces the journey that led him to becoming a true art afficionado.

Beyond the collection, Stephen Bronfman shares how he works with the MAC to support artists and the contemporary art community.

The Cercle du MAC is presented by National Bank of Canada.


Discover the Cercle du MAC:

  • A way of seeing contemporary art even more closely.
  • A circle that allows you to deepen your knowledge, to go further, to discover, to share with artists and exhibition curators and between philanthropists passionate about contemporary art.
  • A circle for those who love the MAC and want to support it and make it their favorite museum.

The subscription includes:

  • A one-year subscription (MACarte). MACarte gives access to all the exhibitions and Nocturnes presented at the MAC.
  • Educational activities (visit to an exhibition, visit a corporate collection, visit the Museum’s reserves, and more)
  • VIP invitations and visits to vernissages
  • Family day organized for members and their children

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