In order to expand and better welcome its visitors, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is embarking on a major transformation project that will run until 2025. While this work is going on, the museum will move into a temporary home at Place Ville Marie.

During this time, the Musée Education Department will be branching out and offering schools a free off-site session. Art mediators from the museum’s education team will come to you and hold the activity in your classroom.

This art mediation program revolves around the exhibition La machine qui enseignait des airs aux oiseaux, presented at the MAC in 2021.

Students will discover contemporary artworks and then take inspiration from them to create their own works.

Content of the off-site activity

Introduction and presentation of the works

Following the theme Creating from what already exists, the students will observe works from different disciplines—drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and installation—in a way that encourages active involvement. What do we see? What does it make us think of? What did the artists use to produce their works? How did they transform what they used?

Fantastical Spaces workshop

Green Leaf Ceiling, 2017, by Vikky Alexander, will open up a world full of mystery. Inspired by this work, you’ll make collages out of fragments of assorted images: elements from nature, wallpaper, coloured textures, and more. With the surprising perspectives revealed by your compositions, you’ll never look at collage the same way again!