The spectacular installation Pulse Spiral, 2008, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, will prompt participants to create an electrifying drawing made up of various elements produced by pigment transfer. Depending on the pressure exerted, the energy applied and the number and density of gestures made by the fingertips on the surface, the outline of the bulbs will be revealed with more or less intensity.

This combo last 90 minutes and is available for one group at a time.

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5 to 12 years: $5
13 to 17 years: $7
Community groups: $6
Adults: $17


One adult per 10 children, free for accompanying adults



The Musée’s Art Workshops offer a creative space where participants can give free rein to their imagination by making their own artworks inspired by a piece on display at the Musée, while experimenting with various techniques, media and materials.

Some workshops start off with a gallery tour for inspiration.

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