Anne and Patrick Poirier are known for creating environments that reproduce architectural archetypes within miniaturized, lost, or imaginary historical sites. Since their shared Prix de Rome residency at the Villa Medicis in Rome, from 1969 to 1971, they have explored the sites and vestiges of ancient civilizations. As sculptors, architects and archeologists, the French duo have created art works in the form of architectural models, writings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and even herbariums. From their on-site research, through literature, or through their own inventions and utopias, their work reinvents the past, locating it between reality and fiction, where real places collide with fantasy landscapes, imaginary ruins and archeological fragments.

Le Temple aux cent colonnes, 1980, Construction and plaster casting on wood base.
© Poirier Anne et Patrick / SOCAN (2022) • Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay