Albanian-born Anri Sala is part of the last generation of artists to have experienced the collapse of the communist regime in Eastern Europe. At the end of the 1990s, his work was inspired by the singular narratives of the documentary form (testimonials, interviews, archives) and recounted, in a sensitive and political way, the upheavals he witnessed in that part of the world. Sala’s practice involves film, sound, music and space, and makes connections between these elements to question both site and the unconscious. For him, the exhibition provides a format to express his explorations of space and time while revisiting the relationship between his works. Unlike many video artists who reproduce cinematic conditions by isolating their work within a black box, Sala seeks to create an open space where his works can resonate with each other and with the site itself.

still of Answer Me, 2008, HD video, stereo sound, 4 min 51 s, 3/6.
© Anri Sala