Raphaëlle de Groot’s artistic practice is characterised by the predominant role she relinquishes to others, favouring a creative, collaborative process based on exchange, the results of which question the very nature of the artist’s role as defined in traditional art discourse. Since the late 1990s, her work has been highly exploratory, bringing people and objects together at the very core of her installations, drawings, performances and videos. Her interest in exhibition curation has resulted in an aesthetic approach marked by rigorous processes of documentation, organisation and classification, where the sampling and collecting of objects, as well as an emphasis on notions of trace and fragment, form essential attributes of her work.

Tous ces visages, 2007-2008, Drawings (coloured pencil, felt pen and dry pastel on paper), masks (coloured pencil, felt pen, watercolour, paper, aluminum tape), polaroid photographs, video, sound, text and presentation tables.
© Raphaëlle de Groot • Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay