Shary Boyle works in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and performance to explore the human psyche in a feminist and poetically fanciful approach. Touching on themes of sexuality, emotive states, death and the myth of beauty, her works evoke the cycle of life and draw their strength in the juxtaposition of seductive elements and subjects that are both enigmatic and disturbing. The artist’s keen interest in traditional art techniques, namely the fabrication of porcelain figurines as they were made in the early 18th century in Meissen, Germany, has led her to create a unique and prolific body of small-scale sculptural work. Shary Boyle breathes new life into the ancient techniques and iconography of that period, establishing relationships with a number of more recent concerns, namely colonialist and spiritual issues.

Live Old, 2010, Porcelain, enamel, glaze and glass beads, 1/2, unique version of an edition of 2.
© Shary Boyle • Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay