Sophie Calle is a writer, conceptual artist, photographer, filmmaker, and to varying degrees a detective, based on the characters she has portrayed, the rituals she has imagined, the episodes of her life she has retold, and the emotions she has shared. Her art can be described as polyphonic. Since the early 1980s, the French artist—considered one of the most influential of our time—has produced a unique and audacious body of work inspired by her own life and the lives of others. Combining investigative techniques, clinical analysis and conceptual rigour, she invites viewers to cross the threshold between public and private life, and to witness true, captivating stories that are permeated with notions of loss, absence and desire.

The Last Image. Blind with couch, 2010, Inkjet prints on aluminium, plexiglass cases, metal frames, 1/3.
© Sophie Calle / SOCAN (2022) • Photo: courtesy of the artist and galerie Perrotin