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David K. Ross

396 x 534 x 762, 2010

16 mm film transfered on digital file, loop, silent, 3 min 44 s, 1/1

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In David K. Ross’ video 396 × 534 × 762, installation technicians from the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal are seen moving crates onto a raised platform in one of the museum’s galleries. The space is being prepared to show photographs by the artist as part of his exhibition David K. Ross : Attaché (2010), which featured works that examined various institutional systems related to the transportation and storage of works of art. The technicians in the video are then seen erecting a wall that completely encloses the crates. While a worker finishes the wall directly facing the camera, one realizes that this wall in the video is in fact the same surface onto which the video is being projected. The viewer has effectively witnessed the construction of a wall that conceals the crates and simultaneously gives access to them through the temporal journey of the video.

David K. Ross

Born in Weston (Ontario), Canada, in 1966

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