Sophie Calle

Aveugle au divan (de la série « La Dernière image », 2010), 2010

Sophie Calle
Aveugle au divan (de la série « La Dernière image », 2010)
Dimensions and medium
Inkjet prints on aluminium, plexiglass cases, metal frames, 1/3, 66 × 82 cm (2 portraits); 31 × 41 cm (couch); 30 × 21.5 cm (text)
Artwork description
In 2010, Sophie Calle travelled to Istanbul, Turkey, to interview blind people on the last image they remember seeing. From this experience, she produced her series La Dernière image, which brings together portraits of her interview subjects, their written stories, and photographic reconstructions of their last visual memory. From this series, Aveugle au divan consists of two portraits of a man standing in front of the ocean, a photograph of an empty sofa, and a small framed text with the following inscription: « Il n’y a pas de dernière image — j’ai lentement perdu la vue —, mais une image qui reste, celle qui me manque : trois enfants que je ne vois pas, assis côte à côte, face à moi, sur le divan du salon, là où vous êtes. » (“There is no last image—I lost my vision gradually—but one image that remains, the one that I miss: three children I can no longer see, sitting side by side, facing me, on the living room sofa where you’re sitting now.”) Part of a 1986 body of work titled Les Aveugles, works from this series, as with others from Voir la mer, 2011, offer a poetic and powerful reflection on the specificity of blind people’s mental imagery, and on the discovery of beauty and the sublime.

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