Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Battements et Papillons, 2006

Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Battements et Papillons
Dimensions and medium
Piano, bench, aluminum insulating tape, solenoids, motion detectors, relays, microcontrollers, transformers, and various objects, 162 × 143 × 214 cm
Artwork description
Since the mid 1990s, Jean-Pierre Gauthier has explored the sonic and metaphorical potential of found objects. His kinetic installations are both amusing and poetic, and convey notions of order and chaos, permanence and fragility, performance, choreography, and gratuitousness. In the interactive sound installation Battements et Papillons, a mechanized piano and bench covered in aluminum tape sit in the centre of a darkened room, tethered to each other by metal cables and turnbuckles. Motion sensors placed on the bench capture the viewer’s movement and activate the piano keys and sostenuto (middle) pedal to produce random melodies. The piano stops playing when the viewer stops moving.

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