Isabelle Hayeur

Blindsight, 2005

Isabelle Hayeur
Dimensions and medium
Digital chromogenic print, 2/5, 267 × 152 cm
Purchase, with generous funds from the Foundation of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
Artwork description
Isabelle Hayeur’s series Excavations, 2005-2008, which includes the work Blindsight, is a collection of photographic montages that brings together, through digital montage, images of excavation sites that are tied to economic development (new residential neighborhoods, mines, or garbage dumps), with heritage or “fossiliferous” sites that evoke the “sedimentary” model that constitutes the cities of the past. More specifically, Blindsight highlights the lack of vision inherent in new suburban developments, with their often-deplored homogenous aesthetics and lack of historical character. The work also reflects the artist’s concern with urban expansion, where the detritus of our hyper-consumptive lifestyle lives on in the “underbelly” of our rapidly deteriorating natural environment.

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