Richard-Max Tremblay

Boîtes no 9, 2014

Richard-Max Tremblay
Boîtes no 9
Dimensions and medium
Oil on canvas, 92 × 92 cm
Purchase, with generous funds from the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Trust Fund
Artwork description
Based on black and white photographs taken by the artist, Boîtes no 9 is from a series of 14 paintings that depict precariously piled, empty boxes of photo paper. Richard-Max Tremblay plays with the relationship between photography and painting by working through zones of light, modulating forms from a palette of bluish greys against a black background. The apparent emptiness of the objects gains a richness of meaning because it paradoxically allows the mind to elaborate on a number of interpretations. Through their emptiness, the boxes evoke what is hidden, enigmatic and mysterious.

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