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Suzy Lake

Box Concert, 1974

Black and white video, sound, 5 min

A significant work from Suzy Lake’s practice, Box Concert combines performance and video in a one-minute piece presented as a five-minute loop. Shot in the artist’s studio, the video depicts Lake manipulating a long box in a series of vertical and horizontal movements that demarcate the space on the screen. Through this very simple technique, Box Concert presents a study of time and space through video: the performance time refers to real time, that is, to the minute required to complete the performance; while the artificial time corresponds to the five-minute duration of the performance shown in a loop. This video marks the beginning of Lake’s research on the interpretation and perception of received images, suggesting that perception can only ever be relative.

Portait of Suzy Lake.

Suzy Lake

Born in Detroit (Michigan), United States, in 1947

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