Ulysse Comtois

Colonne n° 6, 1967

Ulysse Comtois
Colonne n° 6
Dimensions and medium
Aluminum, 170 × 39 cm (diameter)
Artwork description
This sculpture by Ulysse Comtois, part of a series titled Colonnes, created between 1967-1975, is comprised of 46 identical aluminum plates, each perforated slightly off-centre and stacked on a vertical pole on which they can turn. Viewers are invited to manipulate the work and therefore modify its configuration to their liking. Colonne n° 6 breaks with the tradition of the immutable artwork and broadens the potential range of sculpture. With his “columns,” Comtois explores the tactile nature of his materials—an idea that was present in his earlier wood works from 1964. The piece also shows the influence of American artist Alexander Calder’s articulated assemblage sculptures from the 1930s.

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