Roger Vilder

Color in Motion, 1975

Roger Vilder
Color in Motion
Dimensions and medium
Film, colour, sound, 3 min
Anonymous gift
Artwork description
Exhibited at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal in 1975 along with a series of kinetic-light paintings titled Hommage au constructivisme (1971), Roger Vilder’s video, Color in Motion, captures the artist’s preoccupation with form, colour, movement, the relationship between the unit and the whole, and the notion of the cycle. Reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s work, with its rhythmic relationships of colour planes, Vilder’s coloured lines and shapes perpetually transform to the sound of a composition by Philip Glass. The video expresses the latent dynamism of plasticism at its highest level, and transposes a static, chromatic expression into a time-based experience.

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