Alain Paiement

Dead on Time, 1990-1992

Alain Paiement
Dead on Time
Dimensions and medium
Silver prints on wooden structure, plywood, and aluminum, 220 × 330 × 440 cm
Artwork description
Bridging sculpture and photography, Alain Paiement’s Dead on Time is a spiral-shape with multiple angled surfaces. Its exterior is a geometrically contoured metallic swirl covered in photographs shot at regular intervals—from dawn to dusk—inside Montréal’s Clock Tower. Progressively pixelized and altered, the digital images become less and less defined, suggesting an endless, infinity evoking process. The notion of temporality is also reflected in the sculpture’s form, which Paiement arrived at by tracing longitudinal and parallel lines on a small sea shell. From these, angles were calculated and modulated into a 12-sided shape that mirrors the divisions of an analog clock. Dead on Time simultaneously refers to a concise period (an entire day) and to suspended time, since the clock face in the photographs has no hour or minute hands.

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