Manon De Pauw

Fantasmagorie lumineuse, 2008

Manon De Pauw
Fantasmagorie lumineuse
Dimensions and medium
DVD projected on wood screen, stereo sound, 18 min 58 s, 1/3
Artwork description
Fantasmagorie lumineuse by Manon De Pauw was inspired by work she created during an artist residency with the Montréal dance company Le Carré des Lombes, where she sought to bring together performance and pictorial formalism. A wooden screen suspended in front of a wall is flooded by a video projection that spills over its edges. The video shows an overhead shot of De Pauw’s hands against a lit surface as she spontaneously manipulates various objects, such as elastic bands and coloured transparencies. A theatre of shadows gradually takes shape on and around the screen which, like the archetypal pictorial canvas, becomes both the support and the subject of the work. As the artist moves each object, the screen’s edges disappear, blend, or re-emerge one after another, creating a trompe-l’œil effect that obfuscates its physical presence.

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