Valérie Blass

Femme panier, 2010

Valérie Blass
Femme panier
Dimensions and medium
Mannequin, basket, plaster, tool, tights, and shirt, 126 × 149 × 72 cm
Purchase, with the support of the National Bank Private Wealth 1859, Collectors Symposium 2010
Artwork description
Femme panier features a headless figure dressed in a tacky vintage shirt, leaning slightly forward in a defensive position, arms wide open, brandishing a green-coloured, pick-like object in its delicate, white ceramic hand. The crotch of her ill-fitting fishnet stockings slides down her childlike mannequin legs. Together, the basket, shirt, stockings and mannequin parts that compose the work trigger a host of contradictory associations, namely the incongruous relationship between the figure’s aggressive pose and its obvious vulnerability.

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