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Louis Comtois

Implications of White, 1984-1985

Oil, plaster, metal, cement and wax on wood, 114.2 × 203 × 4.9 cm

Louis Comtois created abstract works that, while paying particular attention to colour/light and colour/language relationships, were remarkable for their difficult-to-describe colours. Comtois achieved his incredible range of tones by applying the paint in multiple thin coats. The year 1982 signaled a new phase in his practice, characterized by the abandonment of smooth surfaces in favour of highly textured ones. As in the case of later works that demonstrate the artist’s preoccupation with pictorial space, the work’s surface is composed of incongruous panels and a variety of materials including plaster, cement and wax, giving it a resolutely tactile quality.

Louis Comtois

Montreal (Québec), Canada, 1945 - New York (New York), United States, 1990

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