Shary Boyle

Live Old, 2010

Shary Boyle
Live Old
Dimensions and medium
Porcelain, enamel, glaze and glass beads, 1/2, unique version of an edition of 2, 30 × 26 × 22 cm
Purchase, with funds from the bequest of Edith Jacobson Low-Beer
Artwork description
Shary Boyle is recognized for her delicate porcelain works that technically and stylistically resemble the legendary Rococo figurines manufactured at Meissen in the early 18th century, with their highly-polished glazes and refined ornamentation. Boyle’s provocative works juxtapose the conventional “feminine” aspects typically associated with the decorative arts, with sexually suggestive or sometimes violent subject matter. Her piece Live Old, in which the hybrid figure of a woman with an elephant’s head sprays herself with delicate bead strands, evokes the sexual awakening of life cycles that are present in major themes the artist deals with. At the same time, the subject introduces an obscure and mysterious esoteric ritual that contrasts sharply with the frivolity normally associated with this artistic style.

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