Ewa Turska

Madame Salomé, 1985

Ewa Turska
Madame Salomé
Dimensions and medium
Colour video, sound, 23 min
Artwork description
In Madame Salomé, Ewa Turska subtly opposes real and imaginary worlds. An actress studying the role of Madame Salomé identifies so strongly with her character that she finds herself longing for own freedom. To illustrate this, Turska desynchronizes the video’s images and audio narrative, creating constant ambiguity and a back-and-forth shift in our attention between narration and image. In addition to its feminist and documentary-style content, which reveals what actors go through during intense work periods, the work’s strength derives from the actual filming method. Transformed through special effects, the images reference colour photography and make use of different lighting effects. The slow rhythm of certain scenes denies, in some ways, negates the video medium in favour of the inanimate medium of photography. Madame Salomé invites us to question women’s identity, which even they themselves sometimes lose sight of in day-to-day life.

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