Anthony Burnham

Maquette of Wall and Floor, 2008

Anthony Burnham
Maquette of Wall and Floor
Dimensions and medium
Oil on canvas, 152.5 × 184 cm
Artwork description
At first glance, Anthony Burnham’s Maquette of Wall and Floor looks exactly as its title describes: a neutral-coloured maquette made of soft, folded material, that recreates a kind of contact area between the wall and the floor. The title also references the painting’s location on the floor, near a wall. Seemingly banal elements that usually slip our attention (the detail of an architectural element, a plain bedsheet, a houseplant, etc.) are among the artist’s preferred subjects. Burnham has developed a protean practice that often involves the construction of sculptures, which he then documents through various means as a way to translate how these are seen in the studio. Maquette of Wall and Floor is a fine example of how the artist questions the very nature of reproduction and its relationship to our perception of the real. The work’s meaning is constructed according to the self-referentiality of the subject. Its meticulous, hyperreal rendering grounds our reflection on the conditions under which images are constructed, much like the historical and conceptual links between painting and reality.

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