Christian Kiopini

Ombre #4 « Maurice », 1983-1984

Christian Kiopini
Ombre #4 « Maurice »
Dimensions and medium
Acrylic on plywood, 244 × 244 × 244 cm
Gift of the artist
Artwork description
With its horizontal and vertical projections that are free of any expressive mark-making, Ombre #4 « Maurice » is a large gray monochrome that synthesizes Christian Kiopini’s meditative production in which he attempts to define pictorial space. This piece is part of a cycle of work conceived in the 1980s, wherein Kiopini would construct a mise en scène based on the fundamental elements of painting. Ombre #4 « Maurice » demonstrates the artist’s formal concerns through its monumental size and monochromatic style. The thin lines that cover the work’s surface evoke a hard-edge effect, while the paint’s flat application resists the non-essential characteristics of the mark. Together, these aspects incite viewers to reflect on the history and the very essence of painting. Through its cut, irregular and angled contours, the work forms a volumetric space around which viewers must navigate, reinforcing the essential role they play in constructing the meaning behind the work.

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