Betty Goodwin

Red Sea, 1984

Betty Goodwin
Red Sea
Dimensions and medium
Oil pastel, dry pastel, oil and charcoal on velum paper, 304.8 × 213.3 cm
Gift of Charles S.N. Parent
Artwork description
Betty Goodwin’s multidisciplinary work is rooted in an acute awareness of the human condition and summons the depths of the unconscious mind to include the problem of suffering, death and oblivion. In the early 1980s, Goodwin rediscovered the expressive energy of drawing with her series Swimmers. Drawn in pencil, charcoal and pastel on velum or transparent Mylar, these large sketches of diaphanous human bodies floating in a watery expanse are permeated with the weight of existential angst. In Red Sea, two inverted, androgynous figures hover in coloured washes that evoke the tranquil anguish of unfathomable depths.

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