Marcel Barbeau

Rétine virevoltante, 1966

Marcel Barbeau
Rétine virevoltante
Dimensions and medium
Acrylic on canvas, 203.5 × 203.5 cm
Artwork description
The title of this painting, Rétine virevoltante (whirling retina) accurately describes Marcel Barbeau’s fixation with the effects of perception, especially when he lived in Paris between 1962 and 1964. During this time, Barbeau was mainly interested in the work of Victor Vasarely, known as one of the pioneers of Op Art and kinetic art. Barbeau’s propensity toward this art form was confirmed in 1965. The mechanics of this piece rest on both the lateral stimulation of each point through contrasting of complementary (red and green) colours activated by the interwoven white, and the impression of concavity and convexity triggered by a sinuous curvilinear matrix.

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