Paterson Ewen

Sans titre, 1963

Paterson Ewen
Sans titre
Dimensions and medium
Oil on canvas, 126 × 140.8 cm
Gift of Marcelle and Gérard Beaulieu
Artwork description
In Sans titre, a 1963 painting by Paterson Ewen, a clearly abstract pictorial space retains the essence of a hypothetical horizon. Divided into two distinctly different colour planes juxtaposed vertically within a horizontal format, the painting immediately suggests an abstract representation of landscape. However, the material quality of the work contradicts this comparison. The dividing line, which can be compared to a horizon only insofar as it indicates an escape into the centre of the painting, is denied this role by the hatch marks and thick impasto that add to the opacity of the surface. This painting reflects the fundamental and paradoxical confrontation of the impulse and order that is present throughout the artist’s work.

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