Jack Goldstein

Sans titre, 1982

Jack Goldstein
Sans titre
Dimensions and medium
Acrylic on canvas, 213.2 × 366.1 × 4.5 cm
Gift of Doris Radowitz
Artwork description
First and foremost an abstract work, Sans titre, 1982, by Jack Goldstein, is based on a long-exposure photograph of stars rotating in the night sky. The resulting work features long, arcing streaks of light in a restrained palette of white and a single colour against a black background. Goldstein directs our attention on the artificial nature of representation. Beginning with this ‘falsified’ photograph, the artist contradicts the documentary nature of the photographic medium and deconstructs the idealisation of it as a “factual” mode of representation. By transposing the image into painting, he extends the dislocation of reality begun by the photographic process, and critically questions the notion of original work through appropriation.

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