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Hank Bull et Eric Metcalfe

Sax Island, 1984

Colour video, sound, 11 min 30 s

Sax Island is a video that depicts an imaginary world, called Sax Island, where a confusing narrative unfolds across a series of cartoon-like vignettes. Blending the real with the imaginary, sets and characters representing various archetypes from television and film—such as pornography and police dramas—are superimposed onto animated watercolour drawings. Through their work, Hank Bull and Eric Metcalfe explore new formal possibilities and their impact on our perception of the world. The video’s realistic yet fanciful atmosphere and the shamelessness of its characters creates a distracting effect that parodies the usual tropes of commercial television.

Portait of Eric Metcalfe.

Eric Metcalfe

Born in Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada, in 1940

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Hank Bull

Born in Calgary (Alberta), Canada, in 1949

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