Catherine Widgery

Silence and Slow Time, 1994

Catherine Widgery
Silence and Slow Time
Dimensions and medium
Glass, steel, aluminum, fibreglass, rubber tube, vinyl tube, pump, fluorescent light, and water, 151 × 127 × 68.2 cm
Anonymous gift
Artwork description
Submerged in a kind of large aquarium, a small fibreglass bathtub floats like a luminescent incarnation of being. The curvy, translucent claw-foot tub evokes the presence of a body that is gently rocked and nourished by a liquid, seemingly held aloft by the rising air bubbles beneath it. Part of a sculptural practice that incorporates representation and narrative as part of its material vocabulary, Catherine Widgery’s Silence and Slow Time releases the symbolic power of water—a source of life and symbol of the unconscious—into a universe where the familiar drifts toward the dreamlike and the surreal.

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