Ivanhoë Fortier

Tour sublunaire, 1965

Place Ville-Marie
Ivanhoë Fortier
Tour sublunaire
Dimensions and medium
Steel, 247 × 60 × 60 cm
Artwork description
Throughout the entire 1960s and 1970s, Ivanhoë Fortier explored many materials, creating works that respect the inherent qualities of each one. Tour sublunaire is composed of cut metal, a technique that lends itself well to the deployment of forms in space. This particular piece, composed of criss-crossed cut metal sheets, can be quickly grasped without having to carefully examine it to understand its spatial articulation. Non-figurative in style, Fortier’s sculpture features sharp-edged, geometric shapes. As its title indicates, it stands between Earth and Moon, and was produced the year Alexei Leonov conducted the first spacewalk.

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