Raphaëlle de Groot

Tous ces visages, 2007-2008

Raphaëlle de Groot
Tous ces visages
Dimensions and medium
Drawings (coloured pencil, felt pen and dry pastel on paper), masks (coloured pencil, felt pen, watercolour, paper, aluminum tape), polaroid photographs, video, sound, text and presentation tables, Variable dimensions
Artwork description
Tous ces visages—a collection of 12 drawings, masks, Polaroid photos, texts and videos— stems from two of Raphaëlle de Groot previous projects titled Il volto interiore and Portraits de clients, which were presented in Rome and in Ottawa, in 2007. As part of the two performances, de Groot wore paper masks onto which she drew portraits based on viewers’ verbal descriptions of people they knew, or of imaginary characters from a descriptive sheet the artist provided. The result was the establishment of a relationship based on listening, availability and interpretation grounded in the other’s presence. The process was then extended through additional drawings by de Groot that faithfully reproduced the Polaroid images of the masks taken by each participant. As relics of a conceptual project based on exchange, the elements that form Tous ces visages create a complex repertory of performance, sculpture, drawing, sound, photo and video recordings that question the notion of representation and understanding, while inciting a reflection on the psychology of the portrait.

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