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Jeremy Shaw

Phase Shifting Index

A vast, immersive, seven-channel video installation, Phase Shifting Index is a major new work from Vancouver-born, Berlin-based artist, Jeremy Shaw, and the culmination of his practice of the last few years.

A narration retrospectively comments on the emergence of baffling new realities on seven screens displaying what appear to be archival documentaries of movement therapy groups dating from the 60’s to the 90’s. Beautifully combining choreography, evocations of spiritual practices, ideas drawn from neuroscience, drug-induced psychedelic revelations, club subcultures, visual effects and music, the screens conspire in an intriguing narrative that unfolds into thrilling chaos. It builds to an inevitable, yet surprising, “trans-temporal” synchronized collective ecstasy – with all the subjects miraculously performing the same moves.

The MAC is the only Canadian venue of the tour, initiated in Paris last July where the work premiered at Centre Pompidou.

John Zeppetelli