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Today more than ever, the Musée needs you to help sustain its artistic and educational activities by contributing to its annual fundraising campaign.

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The next three years at the MAC will see it undergo a major transformation. A new, inspiring and updated architecture will make the museum a truly contemporary structure that meshes fully with its raison d’être. A visionary, living institution, the MAC is entering a new chapter in its history.

Throughout the construction work, the MAC aims to actively maintain its relationship with the city and its presence within the community. The Museum will continue to demonstrate the excellence and high standards of the MAC.

During this time of transition, which entails significant challenges, the Musée needs you and your invaluable support. The MAC is a provincially owned museum, of course, but it could not survive without the support of its generous donors. Every gift counts: make the difference! Your contribution will play a concrete part in energizing the Musée for the benefit of museum-goers of all ages.

Thank you for your generosity.

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