This competition is for the purpose of filling a regular full-time position.


Reporting to the Executive Director and Chief Curator and member of the Executive Committee, the Head of Education and Public Engagement defines the orientations, objectives, programming, tools, and policies with regard to mediation (written and oral), education, training, digital engagement of the MAC (interactive visits, creative workshops, social and community engagement, digital content, etc.). This person oversees planning, production, control, and evaluation of activities and programs that he or she directs, with the support of the team for which he or she is responsible, and manages the relevant financial, material, and human resources. Up to date on the research and best practices in force in the museum, academic, and new technologies fields, attentive to the needs and expectations of the different publics targeted by the MAC’s programs and with which he or she collaborates, he or she designs stimulating, pertinent, accessible, and inclusive programs. He or she works in close cooperation with the Director of Exhibitions and her team and with the Head of Communications and Marketing to develop an educational offer that contributes to the outreach of the MAC’s programs and collection and, more generally, to increasing the MAC’s visibility.


  • Develops a policy for education and public engagement, for which he or she ensures implementation, evaluation, and review, which aims to position the MAC as a reference for awareness, inspiration, discovery, and learning in contact with the visual arts, for all ages and different audiences.
  • Oversees the design, planning, and management of the educational and public program aimed at different publics (schools, adults, families, organizations, community groups, etc.) and clienteles with special needs (adults in difficulty, cultural communities, seniors, people with handicaps, etc.) related to the MAC’s mandate and strategic orientations.
  • Directs and orients development of the MAC’s educational activities (interactive visits, creative workshops, digital content tools, etc.) with the goal of encouraging increased exploration, knowledge, and comprehension of the MAC, its collections, and its exhibitions by as broad a public as possible.
  • Develops strategies, innovative and accessible policies, and tools aimed at encouraging the appreciation and comprehension of the visual arts and the contemporary issues addressed through it.
  • Positions and promotes, through the activities that he or she directs, the MAC as an essential player in contemporary art and a leader with regard to education and engagement.
  • Formulates recommendations for and implements the MAC’s strategic orientations with regard to universal accessibility, inclusion, representativity, and education ;
  • Identifies and analyzes trends and opportunities pertinent to his or her sector.
  • Oversees the quality standards for programs and services offered by establishing evaluation and feedback mechanisms for users, notably by collecting and analyzing data.
  • Defines the MAC’s strategic vision and orientations with regard to digital tools, platforms, and content, in close collaboration with the different stakeholders.
  • Directs the conceptualization and development of digital tools, platforms, and content for all visitors, including teachers and school groups and community associations.
  • At all times, ensures community and social mediation aimed at welcoming visitors with special needs.
  • Ensures that his or her department offers optimal on-site visitor experiences, extramural programs, and customer service, in all circumstances, in collaboration with Visitor Services.
  • Develops and maintains links with educational, school, and university circles.
  • Keeps up to date on research and best practices with regard to mediation, education, and new technologies.
  • Determines human and material resources needed to produce educational and public programs, including digital tools.
  • Formulates the operating budgets required and identifies public and private funding opportunities for the sector, directs grant applications, and leads a search for funding in order to ensure development of the department.
  • Negotiates and monitors services and partnership agreements in relation to his or her sector.
  • Collaborates in the development of educational and cultural activities for the events program of the MAC and the Fondation.
  • Represents the MAC as necessary with other institutions or associations, notably in the fields of education, social integration, accessibility, and digital engagement, both in Canada and internationally.
  • Performs all other related tasks.


Minimum education:

  • Hold a master’s degree in art education, museology, art history, or another related field.;


  • Have ten (10) years of experience enabling him or her to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the position, including five (5) years in a management position.
  • Have varied and multifaceted experience enabling him or her to acquire knowledge in mediation, museology, and art education, as well as in school/university and cultural fields, notably in the area of contemporary art; knowledge of art therapy and/or of universal accessibility and/or of citizen participation programs will be considered an asset.
  • Have to his or her credit relevant achievements in the area of design and production of mediation, education, and public programs.
  • Very good knowledge of contemporary art practices, the cultural field, and the educational offer in the visual arts and in the broader field of contemporary art.
  • Very good knowledge of museology, the tools and theories of education sciences, mediation techniques, and group animation.
  • Good knowledge of the school and university field and of the associational fabric of Montreal and Quebec
  • Knowledge of the MAC collection with a view to its dissemination on various platforms.
  • Good knowledge of and strong interest in digital platforms and content and the design of innovative virtual educational experiences.

Skills required:

  • Be a good communicator and be capable of popularizing theoretical knowledge; having published or given specialized communications on the subject will be considered an asset.
  • Demonstrate a sense of organization, be capable of short-, medium-, and long-term planning and of complying with or adjusting a plan.
  • Be able to show creativity, innovation, curiosity, and empathy.
  • Demonstrate diplomacy and interpersonal skills, be capable of working on a team and with a large number of interlocutors.
  • Have proven skills and abilities with regard to personnel management and financial management.
  • Mobilizing and unifying leadership.
  • Able to make decisions and show initiative.
  • Have a capacity to work under pressure.
  • Excellent mastery of French (written and spoken) and very good knowledge of English (written and spoken).
  • Good knowledge of the Microsoft OS 365 environment and software in the Microsoft Office suite.

SALARY CONDITIONS: According to the salary in scale in effect for management level 630

  • Class 4 of the salary scale for supervisory personnel of the Gouvernement du Québec

➔ The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is a public corporation of the Gouvernement du Québec. It offers excellent working conditions and generous social benefits.

Send your curriculum vitae and a cover letter by July 11, by email ([email protected]) or fax (514-847-6934), to the attention of La Direction des ressources humaines du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal with the subject line “Head of Education and Public Engagement.”

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal applies a program of equal access to employment and encourages women, Indigenous people, visible minorities, ethnic minorities and people with handicaps to apply.