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The actions carried out in recent years by the MAC have yielded positive results. Here are the major trends shown by the Musée relative to the main performance indicators. 


Evolution of the number of works in the collection



Evolution of number of visitors / attendance



Evolution of the number of members


Evolution of provincial funding ($)

The significant decline in provincial funding imputed to the MAC over the past years coincides with a period of strong growth for the institution, making the goal of achieving a balanced budget even more challenging. For each 1% cut in funding, the MAC is forced to reduce its controllable expenditures by 2%, affecting its value-added services. Any additional cuts risk triggering an operating deficit.


Evolution of expenditures on education ($)


Evolution of expenditures on temporary exhibitions ($)


Evolution of expenditures on acquisitions ($)

The majority of additional revenue generated is reinvested mainly in exhibition programming, education and the acquisition of works.