The temporary closure of the Musée and its relocation at Place Ville Marie have prompted the Cercle to rethink its actions. The MAC isn’t the only thing that’s undergoing a big transformation!

This why the Cercle du MAC is taking a brief respite, to come back in a brand-new form and with a bold new offering.

The MAC and its Fondation cannot thank you enough for your generosity. We will see you back very soon for new and exciting activities.


The Cercle du MAC is a philanthropic circle for those who wish to support the MAC while discovering contemporary art behind the scenes.

Join the Cercle du MAC

  • To discover contemporary art in more depth and enrich your knowledge through exchanges with the major players of the MAC, such as artists and exhibition curators.
  • To access a sphere of activities that offer a different and unique vision of the MAC.
  • To get to know the Museum better and participate in its development.
  • To socialize with other philanthropists around an art that invites reflection and discussion.

Joining the Cercle means giving yourself the right to enter the MAC as you enter home, and to make it the museum that resembles us and allows us to say: the MAC is my museum.