For over 35 years, thanks to the invaluable commitment of its patrons, the Fondation du MAC has been providing active support for the Musée’s mission of conservation, dissemination and education.

Whether you are an individual donor, a corporation or the representative of a charitable foundation, you enable the MAC to offer visitors a profoundly affecting experience as well as a sustained dialogue with local and international artists. You play a role in allowing everyone to become more familiar with contemporary art in all its forms by encouraging the MAC to produce exhibitions that are national and international in scope, to acquire notable works for its collection of some 8,000 pieces of art, and to organize innovative educational programs and workshops.

In recent years, the MAC has experienced unprecedented expansion and must constantly diversify its sources of funding. More than ever, the MAC and its Foundation need your support to make a difference

Make the MAC your own: support the Fondation du MAC!

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Our benefit events are highlights of Montréal’s social calendar. You are sure to enjoy a unique and unforgettable time whether your participation involves buying tickets, making a donation or becoming a sponsor.


When you donate to our annual fundraising campaign, you have a tangible impact on the development of the Musée’s artistic and educational programming, to the great pleasure of our audiences, young and old.

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Your donations can take a number of different forms. In addition to traditional donations, the Fondation du MAC can receive bequests, life insurance policies, gifts of listed securities or eligible shares, or any other type of donation.

Contact us for more information:
Anne Lebel, General Director
[email protected]
514 847-6257

In recent years, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal has formed business partnerships with major Québec and Canadian corporations interested in the development of the cultural sector. Partnering with the museum affords many advantages and provides a platform that can be adapted to your particular needs, bringing both prestige and public appeal. In addition to outstanding, direct visibility, the museum offers you the opportunity to work with it in creating promotional, marketing and public relations events.

Sponsors enjoy many benefits: visibility on giant banners on the Musée façade; inclusion in print advertisements in daily newspapers and weekly cultural publications, and in exhibition catalogues and the Musée Magazine; printing of their logo on invitations to openings; acknowledgment in the promotional brochure for the museum’s program; and much more.

Contact us for more information:
Director’s Office
(514) 847-6201

Since it was founded in 1964, the Musée has established an extensive collection that now comprises more than 8,000 works, illustrating the main trends in Québec, Canadian and international contemporary art. Building the collection is central to the museum’s mission. It offers a living portrait of our current time, with its many questions and transformations. The Musée prefers to develop its collection through the acquisition of works produced in the past ten years, while not overlooking earlier works that enhance our understanding of the foundations of today’s art.

The Musée collection continues to grow thanks to the generosity of artists, collectors, associations, foundations and galleries.

Marie-Eve Beaupré, the curator in charge of collection development, can answer your questions about the Musée’s acquisition procedure as well as the tax benefits accruing from gifts and bequests of artworks.

Contact us for more information:
Marie-Eve Beaupré
[email protected]; (514) 847-6278

You make a difference!

Your involvement with the Fondation du MAC is paramount. Whether you support our benefit events or our fundraising projects, you make all the difference! The Fondation du MAC extends a warm thank-you to its generous donors for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The Fondation du MAC would like to thank the Government of Québec for its generous financial support through the Programme d’Appariement aux dons des fondations des sociétés d’État et organismes du portefeuille Culture et Communications.

Banque Nationale du Canada

Fondation de la famille Claudine et Stephen Bronfman
Groupe de sociétés Walter
Power Corporation du Canada

Fonds Hamelys

Behaviour Interactive Inc.
Bombardier Inc.
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Fondation Ariane Riou et Réal Plourde
Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Groupe Financier Banque TD
Pomerleau Inc.
The Azrieli Foundation/la Fondation Azrieli

Alain Bellemare et Marie-Josée Simard
Audain Foundation
Giverny Capital Inc.
Nathalie Goyette
Nathalie Pratte

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Québecor Média Inc.
Sharon & Aaron Stern
Anonymous (1)

Marie-Line Bérubé
Clinique Dentaire Beaubien
Guy Côté
Louise Davey & Pascal Portelance
Pascal de Guise
Ève Giard
Groupe Pratte
Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal/la Fondation communautaire juive de Montréal
Francine S. Lemieux

Sarah McCutcheon Greiche
Regina Minde Pott
Kathleen O’Brien
Petrie Raymond, CPA s.e.n.c.r.l.
Alexandre Taillefer
Olimpia Testa
The Brand is Female Inc.
Urs Pierre Thomas
United Way Greater Toronto

Roberto Ascah
Jean-Paul Bahary
Banque Nationale du Canada, équipe Secteur Public
Elaine Barsalou
Jean-Claude Baudinet
Simon Bellemare
Monique Bernier
Rory Bertrand
Geneviève Biron
Christine Boivin
James Bouchard
Philippe-A. Bouchard
Jean-Samuel Boudreault
Sophie Bourque
Fannie Charron
Josée Desnoyers
Philippe Dubuc
Vanessa Dumoulin
Catherine Dupéré
Stephanie Elsliger-Garant
Les Entreprises Vincent Damphousse
François Ferland
Félix Fournier
Pierre-Antoine Fradet
Emeren Garcia
Annie Gauthier
Yves Gauthier
Marie-Ève Gingras
Marine Godfroy

Richard Harnois
Pierre Hotte
Sarah Ivory
Lemay Co.
Lesley Johnstone
Yves A. Lefebvre
Jacob Ruiter Ligeti
Liette Locas
Thierry-Maxime Loriot
Suzanne Masson
Andréanne Mathieu
Pénélope McQuade
Justin Méthot
Marion-Isabelle Muszyñski
Nicola Navratil
Josée Noiseux
Omer DeSerres Inc.
Michel Paradis
Karine Pelletier
The Phyllis Lambert Foundation/La Fondation Phyllis Lambert
Pierre Raymond
Nicolas Rubbo
Jean Sicard
Nicholas Soccio
Marilyn Stewart
Yves Théoret
Anne-Marie Zeppetelli
Anonymous (6)

Thank you to the many donors who donated $250 and less, your support is essential!

News from the Foundation

Ève Giard

Ève Giard

Chairwoman of the Board
Executive Vice-President, Talent and Performance
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

“I am honoured to be named as part of the wonderful Fondation du MAC family. The MAC is a museum that is essential to the cultural life of Montréal and the cultural life of Québec. It’s a museum that educates us, that sometimes challenges us, that opens up new horizons for us. In short, it’s a museum that always makes us think and, in these times we’re living through, that is crucial. The Foundation has an important mission to support the MAC, and so it’s with great enthusiasm that I accept my new position as the Foundation’s new Chair of the Board. As the MAC moves ahead with its major transformation project, this is a pivotal time for the Fondation du MAC, which will face many challenges in the coming years.”

Nichole Anderson Bergeron

Nichole Anderson Bergeron

President and CEO
Business / Arts
Patrick Bibeau

Patrick Bibeau

Bob Agence
Christine Boivin

Christine Boivin

Director, Marketing & Communications
Éric Bujold

Éric Bujold

National Bank Private Banking 1859

“The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is very successful in fulfilling its important mission of promoting contemporary art and extending its reach to the Montréal and Québec community as well as to the many tourists who come here. In addition to providing a superb showcase for works created by our local talent, the MAC also enables visitors to appreciate the talent of a great many Canadian and international artists.”

Louise Chagnon-Bucheit

Louise Chagnon-Bucheit

Among other things, the pandemic has taught us that life without Art amplifies the emptiness… With its ambitious expansion project, the MAC is responding to and nourishing Montrealers’ interest in contemporary art. I am delighted to have an opportunity to help the MAC expand its reach in the years to come. It gives me great pleasure to join the Fondation du Mac in supporting the Museum’s cultural and educational mandate.

Julie Couture

Julie Couture

Artist photographer

“Located in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is a dynamic, welcoming place that allows us to take advantage of its extensive collection and that offers us major exhibitions. On the cusp of its transformation, it is preparing to undergo a renewal in order to become an essential cultural venue in our much-loved city.”

Pascal de Guise

Pascal de Guise

Vice-Chairman of the Board

“For me, the Fondation du MAC is an opportunity to contribute to the development of one of the most important Quebec and Canadian institutions in contemporary art.”

Eva Hartling

Eva Hartling

President and Founder
The Brand is Female

“Now more than ever, art gives us ways of opening up to the world, staking a claim, exchanging views, erasing the borders between us and challenging the status quo. We are fortunate to benefit from an institution like the MAC, which is dedicated to contemporary art in Montréal and supports the next generation of artists, and it’s an honour to be able to be part of it.”

Marie-Josée Simard

Marie-Josée Simard

Stefanie Stergiotis

Stefanie Stergiotis

E-commerce Manager
WANT Apothecary

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Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
185 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Montréal, Québec H2X 3X5
Tel.: 514 847-6272
Charity registration number : 101835544 RR0001

Foundation Team

Anne Lebel, General Director
[email protected]
514 847-6257

Catherine Julien, Director, Philanthropic Development and Major Campaign
[email protected]

Mathieu Baril, Philanthropy Officer, Events and Special Projects
[email protected]
514 847-6273

Nancy Lemieux, Officer, Communications and Donor Relations
[email protected]
514 847-6268

Audrey Nondzi Schmidt, Executive Assistant
[email protected]
514 847-6272

The Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) participates in the Programme d’Appariement aux dons des fondations des sociétés d’État et organismes du portefeuille Culture et Communications. Under this donation-matching program for organizations and crown corporations in Québec’s Culture and Communications portfolio, some of the donations received by the Fondation du MAC from its activities and fundraising campaigns are placed in an endowment fund. The income stream from this capital goes to the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. The Fondation du MAC would like to thank the Government of Québec for its generous support through this Program.

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Ethics and Privacy

The Fondation du MAC is committed to respecting the privacy and protecting the personal information of donors and partners. Your personal information is stored securely and is never traded or sold to third parties.

The Fondation du MAC has established an information privacy policy (Politique de confidentialité et de protection des renseignements personnels) and a code of ethics (Code d’éthique et de déontologie) for its administrators, volunteers and employees. The Foundation’s team of committed and dedicated professionals upholds and complies with both the Code of Ethics and the Donor Bill of Rights established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).