The acquisition process

Given its major architectural transformation project, the MAC is faced with operational constraints that have forced it to slow the pace of acquisitions.

Long-term realistic solutions are under development so that we can best support our collecting activities, given this context.

The museum continues to foster development of the collection by acquiring works produced over the last ten years, although it also considers historical works that provide comprehension of the foundations of more recent art.

The MAC collection is consolidating its representation of Indigenous artists and culturally diverse artists working in Québec. It is attentive to active practices outside of Montréal and respects gender parity.

The museum’s acquisition process is guided by its Politique générale de gestion des collections and follows the recommendations made by the collection’s advisory committee.

Process for submitting an acquisition

Artists, gallery owners, collectors, and owners of artworks may submit a proposal for acquisition for the collection at any time by filling out this form.

The proposal must include visual documentation of the proposed artwork and a brief description including the artist’s name, the title, the date of creation, the materials, the dimensions, the provenance, and the publication and exhibition history.

All proposals for acquisition submitted will be studied.

The museum will contact only those whose proposals are accepted.

If you have questions about the MAC’s acquisition process or about the fiscal advantages related to donations and bequests of artworks, contact us at [email protected].