Mathieu Beauséjour is a self-taught artist who has created installations, interventions and images since the mid-1990s. Through a position of resistance and détournement, he subverts the materials and concepts of power, alienation and oppression. Beauséjour’s practice casts an ironic and nostalgic look on political and artistic avant-garde movements, and uses cultural emblems such as money, hymns, and manifestos to examine the current state of the world. His context-based work is specifically conceived for the space it will occupy, whether it be a gallery, a site of intervention, the printed page, or a period of action.

Icarus (La Récolte), 2011, Inkjet print on polypropylene banner, furniture, REGA pi3 turntable, LP vinyl record, drawing on panel, metal disc and vertical blinds.
© Mathieu Beauséjour • Photo: David Barbour