Eric Cameron

Alarm Clock (3295) (de la série « Thick Paintings », 1979 - 1994), 1979-1994

Eric Cameron
Alarm Clock (3295) (de la série « Thick Paintings », 1979 - 1994)
Dimensions and medium
3295 acrylic coats on an alarm clock, 43 × 46 × 17 cm
Artwork description
At the end of the 1970s, Eric Cameron began covering everyday objects with successive layers of acrylic paint. He committed himself to pursuing this rigorous process until specific circumstances, such as a museum purchasing the work, would prevent him from continuing. Cameron named this body of work Think Paintings. The painted objects, in alternating coats of grey and white, undergo a slow, gradual mutation as they transform themselves into strangely shaped, organic-looking sculptures. Alarm Clock (3295), whose title documents the total number of half-coats of acrylic primer applied to an alarm clock over a fifteen year period, is characterized by subtle undulations in the painted surface that developed over time and the verticality that differentiates it from other works in this series. Primarily conceptual, the piece questions the genesis of an artwork while challenging the parameters that confer the status of sculpture to an object.

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